Charge and Bylaws

Article I: Mission.

The Veteran Constituency Group's missiois to serve as a campus veteran resource that fosters unity and advocates on behalf of veteran staff, faculty and students in an effort to increase the presence, visibility and advocacy of the University of California, Davis veterans, service members and families. We will work to bring about a broad-based awareness, promote a shared environment of sensitivity and understanding, and encourage excellence and advancement at all levels within the UC Davis campus community.

Article II: Purpose.

Through the Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee (SDAAC) the Veteran Constituency Group will review campus policies and procedures affecting veterans relative to employment and educational opportunities and make recommendations to promote the general welfare and interests of the veteran, service member, and military family of faculty, staff and students at UC Davis.


Article III: Objectives.

  1. Advocate for recruitment, admission, hiring and retention of veterans, service members, and military family members as students, staff and faculty at UC Davis.

  2. Promote career and personal development opportunities for the veteran-staff and faculty at UC Davis.

  3. Strengthen professional and social relationships between veteran-staff, faculty, students and the University.

  4. Identify problem areas related to the needs of veterans and their families at UC Davis; assist in evaluation of these needs in relation to institutional and community needs and to recommend action in response to these identified needs.

  5. Serve as a forum for other UC Davis groups in matters related to equity, retention and advancement for veterans.

Article IV: Membership.  The committee membership shall be representative of the entire campus community with an interest in veteran-related issues.

  1. Members - Membership status is open to all UCD faculty and staff, regardless of status, who are interested in furthering the missions and objectives of the group.  Dissolution of employment automatically terminates membership.

  2. Associate members - Associate membership status is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of status, who are interested in advocating on behalf of the student veteran population to campus staff and leaders.  Graduation automatically dissolves associate membership.  

  3. Voting - Each member is entitled to one vote for officer elections, revision of bylaws and any other decisions set forth by constituent officers.   Each student organization and ROTC may officially designate one voting member to act on behalf of their organization to vote on all committee motions and decisions. No member shall be entitled to vote more than once.

  4. Participation - Members are encouraged to attend and actively participate in committee meetings and activities. 

  5. Membership requests - Requests for membership should be submitted to the Communications Officer.  Members are able to vote on all decisions set forth by the committee after attending one monthly meeting.

  6. Inactive members - Members must attend one meeting every 6 months to remain an active voting member of the organization.  After 6 months of non-attendance, members will be moved to inactive status and will not be included in constituency voting proceedings.  Members will be automatically moved back to active status once they attend one monthly meeting.

Article V: Officers.


  1. Chair

  2. Vice Chair

  3. Communications Officer


  1. Must be current UCD career employee or in a contract status to complete a full year term in the office to which the employee is elected.

  2. Elected to office and each serve one year term.

  3. May only serve two consecutive terms at the same level.

  4. Attend all Executive Board and general meetings.

  5. Uphold Principals of Community.

Terms of Office:

  1. Elections - In December of each year an elections subcommittee shall be appointed to issue a call for nominations of candidates for the offices to be filled. Candidates are requested to submit a brief statement of qualifications. The Elections Subcommittee shall report the names and brief professional histories of qualified candidates to the membership. The election of officers shall be by written ballot of the majority of those voting each June.

  2. Each officer shall take office March 1, serve a one-year term and may be re-elected consecutively to the same (or other) office for an additional term. No member shall hold more than one office at a time.


  1. Chair:

    1. Serves as the official committee spokesperson and receives official communication.

    2. Chairs monthly and special meetings, as called.

    3. Chairs the strategic planning committee.

    4. Attends all regularly scheduled SDAAC meetings to provide updates and consultation, as requested, by the SDAAC Chair.

  2. Vice Chair:

    1. Acts in the absence of the Chair.

    2. Chairs ad-hoc subcommittees.  

    3. Serves as ex-officio to the Recruitment/Outreach, Student Support and Communications sub-committees.

Communications Officer:

  1. Takes meeting notes and distributes minutes.

  2. Plans and distributed monthly agendas in coordination with committee members.

  3. Maintain record of by-laws, meeting notes and committee decisions.

  4. Maintains accurate roster of members, contact information and voting status.

  5. Tracks participation and administratively moves non-participants to inactive or active status (in line with Article IV.4. above).

Vacancy and Removal:

  1. In the event that an officer cannot meet their obligations the officer may resign or be removed by 2/3 majority of voting members.

  2. In the case of resignation or removal of any officer, an interim officer shall be appointed by the senior officer until an election may be organized.  An officer shall be elected to complete the remainder of the one year term within 30 days of resignation or removal of the appointed officer. 

Article VI: Meetings.

  1. General meetings shall be held on the third Thursday from 11:00am-12:00pm each month.  Meeting rooms shall be announced one week prior to the upcoming meeting.

  2. Quorum: In order make official business decisions on behalf of the group a quorum is required. A quorum shall be fifty percent (50%) of the voting members plus one.

Article VII: Subcommittees.

  • Recruitment/Outreach: The mission of the Recruitment/Outreach subcommittee is to work with human resources and other elements to assist, as needed in veteran or military-related events as requested.
  • Student Support: The mission of the Student Support committee is to work with the various student-veterans organizations and Transfer Re-entry Veteran Center to coordinate support services.
  • Communications:  The mission of the Communication subcommittee is to work to provide communication efforts in these various forms: website, brochures, event advertisements, etc.
  • Strategic planning: The mission of the Strategic Planning committee is to discuss the strategic vision and plan for the future direction of the organization; this committee will be comprised of incoming and outgoing officers and one representative from each subcommittee and shall have a yearly planning meeting in August and may meet throughout the year at the direction of the Chair.
  • Adhoc Subcommittees:  Adhoc committees will be convened as necessary in support of the mission of the constituent group.

Article VIII: Amendments. Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by any member or associate member and will be voted on at the following meeting or through a digital ballot.  Modifications are considered approved when they receive votes from 2/3 of the voting members.