Soaring to New Heights 2018

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

11:15 AM to 1:30 PM
ARC Pavilion

Theme: Soaring Boldly for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Don't miss our 28th annual multicultural celebration of diversity. Enjoy an international buffet luncheon and multicultural entertainment as well as information from various campus organizations. The 2018 recipients of the Diversity and Principles of Community Awards, the Calvin E. Handy Leadership Award and the Disability Awareness Awards will be presented.

2017 Diversity & Principles of Community Recipients

DPoC Award: Ken Barnes - Coordinator, Internship and Career Center

Having multiple roles at the Internship and Career Center, where he has served as the Program Coordinator in Liberal Arts and Business since 2005, Ken is dedicated to excellence in service and he never hesitates to take on additional duties which include: Assistant Director of Internship and Career for the Center of the African Diaspora Student Success, ICC representative for University of California Center in Sacramento, and Manager of the Community Service Resource Center.  In all these roles Ken goes above and beyond the scope of his duties to offer students personal and professional guidance as well as, mentorship and support.  His students hold him in high regard and many credit him for their academic and career success.  

DPoC Team Award: ASUCD Office of Advocacy & Student Representation

George Savage, Sophomore; Sarah Shemery, Senior; Daniel Nagey, Sophomore; Ariella Cassell, Senior; Parker Spadaro, Sophomore; Sam Chiang, Junior

The ASUCD office of Advocacy and student Representation advances the principles of affirmative action and diversity issues through its lobbying efforts.  This includes the "Fund the UC" campaign to reform California's Prop 13 and to seek alternative funding sources for the University of California.  A component of this campaign includes a scholarship that will allow students who quality for financial aid to apply for money to assist with expenses over and above tuition, such as rent, food and other living expenses. This scholarship is necessary in the fight to ensure accessibility to the University of California for low income and nationalized communities.  Last year, OASR founded the Student Lobby Corps, in which OASR trains students how to lobby and educate them about legislation relevant to students. Currently the OASR is lobbying at both State and Federal level for such issues as student hunger, housing and homelessness, Pell Grants, Immigration Issues, Student Loan Debt and other areas.  OASR efforts represent the ideals ascribed in Affirmative Action as well as, the Principles of Community. 

Calvin E. Handy Award: Rocci Twitchell - Physical Plant Mechanic, Fire/Police Department

Rocci is a member of the UC Davis Police Department's V.I.P.S. and Safety Service programs and is the lead self-defense instructor for classes offered at UC Davis.  He also participates in and instructs and Active Shooter Survivor program. Disciplined in many forms of martial arts, Rocci conducts free personal safety and self-defense training seminars for women.  He is also the UC Davis fire extinguisher technician, and teaches monthly training courses on their proper use. Supportive and friendly, Rocci is skilled at communicating the benefits of personal defense in a way that is encouraging, interesting and informative.  He's a tireless champion and advocate for public safety who has spent more than 30 years instructing, training and empowering community members with the knowledge and skills to protect their own and others' personal safety.  Rocci's leadership in these areas is unparalleled, and he serves as a constant reminder of how to effectively use personal safety to build relationships among communities of diverse backgrounds. Rocci's dedicated service truly embodies the UC Davis Principles of Community.  

Deanna Falge Award: Diane Carr - Student Affairs Officer, UC Davis Extension

Diane is an outstanding advocate and leader for staff at the UC Davis campus.  Driven by a deep personal and professional commitment to those who currently serve or have served in the Armed Forces, Diane made it her mission to ensure that UC Davis was a welcoming place for Veterans.  She was instrumental in the development of the Veterans Committee where she collaborated with departments and staff to create an organization that focused on the unique needs of Veterans and Active Duty Staff. To establish the framework for the group she worked with the by-laws subcommittee to craft a comprehensive document that addressed the concerns of Veterans.  After the Veterans group was established she supported the organization in a number of capacities, including serving and Vice-chair. Diane also provided coordination of the annual UC Davis Veterans Day and other events. Due to challenging budget issues, Diane secured funding for the annual Veterans Day event by recruited campus and community sponsors to assist with funding.  Always known for "the personal touch", Diane decorated the tables with a small rose arrangement which she gave away to every Veteran in attendance. As an employee at UC Extension, Diane volunteered to serve on the planning committee for the Employment Development Department "Honor a Hero and Hire a Veteran-Job and Resource Fair". This event brings businesses, employers and veterans together from the Sacramento region to showcase the wealth of skills that Veterans bring to the workplace in an effort to increase hiring. Additionally, Diane's service efforts have included serving on the African Faculty & Staff Association and as the Marketing Chair for SDAAC where she designed the SDAAC Business Card.  Her coordination and outreach efforts have bolstered her reputation as an outstanding staff member who consistently goes above and beyond to serve others. Diane's long history of service to diverse communities has indeed created a more welcoming and inclusive campus community.

Eleanor Fontes-Fulton Award: Maureen Stanton - Vice Provost, Academic Personnel

Vice Provost Stanton has been a champion for diversity and inclusion throughout her career.  As one of the few women faculty when she was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany at UC Davis in 1982, she has proactively worked on diversity and inclusion in her department, in her field, and, in recent years, throughout the campus. Just before assuming the role of Vice Provost, Dr. Stanton devoted much of her time working with other colleagues to plan and propose an Institutional Transformation ADVANCE Grant for UC Davis through the National Science Foundation (NSF).  These grants are very competitive and only one other UC campus has ever received one.  Dr. Stanton and her colleagues focused their proposal on the recruitment, retention and advancement of female STEM ladder rank faculty, with an emphasis on Latinas, to promote innovation in STEM fields and to develop a STEM workforce that more closely reflects the population UC Davis serves.  UC Davis was successful in being awarded the grant, and Dr. Stanton continues to serve as one of the co-Principal Investigators over these last 5 years.  In her role as Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Dr. Stanton was able to support, facilitate, and institutionalize a number of the ADVANCE initiatives as they closely impact the academic the academic community.  Dr. Stanton has also instituted 2-hour workshops about implicit bias in faculty recruitment and hiring processes, called STEAD, and now every faculty search committee member is required to take the course at least once every 3 years. Similarly, she initiated the use of diversity statements in the recruitment process.  Now, the use of diversity statements in the recruitment process is mandated and represent an invaluable tool for evaluating contributions to diversity in the faculty hiring process.  Dr. Stanton's leadership and commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected throughout her higher education career.

Disability Awareness Recognition Awards

Individual Award UCD:

Clifford Contreras - Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Cliff has a deep and strong commitment to his staff and genuine concern for staff facing serious disability and health issues.  He has closely collaborated with Disability Management Services over the years to ensure he has followed policy and law to accommodate both Non-Industrial and Workers' Compensation conditions.  Additionally, Cliff has stepped up and forged an agreement with Student Affairs to have TAPS take over administration of the Mobility Assistance Shuttle this Fall Quarter to ensure the campus will have continued shuttle services for faculty, staff and students with mobility issues.  

Francisco Andrade - Assistant Manager, Contracts and Grants Accounting

Francisco has contributed significantly and only many occasions by providing temporary work assignment opportunities for injured workers needing transitional modified duty under our Campus Worker's Compensation modified duty program.  Additionally, because of these opportunities, the Workers' Compensation office was able to establish a process sin coordinating logistics for bringing many employees back to work sooner, making the transition from being off work to coming back to work as smooth as possible for each of these employees.

Viridiana Alcaraz - Human Resources Coordinator, Student Housing

Viridiana works closely with supervisors to ensure temporary assignments are compatible with medical restrictions.  In addition to reviewing medical restrictions, she is involved with documenting and reviewing temporary assignments.  As restrictions are subject to change, she also ensures assignments are revisited on a timely basis.  She stays in communication and closely consults with both the Workers' Compensation and Disability Management Services departments for guidance when issues or concerns arise.

Individual Award UCDH:

Carol Matheny - Manager, Patient Transport Services

Over her many years of service, Carol has many accomplishments.  In her dedication to help her staff and unit, has been willing to accommodate medical leaves and restrictions for her employees.  On one occasion, she was actively involved and participated in aiding in the retention of employment efforts for a staff member who had permanent restrictions and could no longer work in their previous position. This was accomplished through the Disability Management preference program.  Thus, with her willingness to accommodate employees with disabilities, she helped create the successful Disability Management reassignment and retention of employment for an employee.  She has accommodated Non-Industrial injuries in temporary work as employee recuperate and heal.  Among other valuable contributions, she has welcomed those who need a fresh start, maintaining empathy and a supportive attitude toward her employees, while meeting the demanding and fluctuating business needs of her department.

Sarah Sardella - Nurse Manager, Transplant Clinic and Transplant Center

Sarah has been handling the Human Resources responsibilities in her department.  In this role, she has made a significant contribution to the Interactive Process at UC Davis Health by actively seeking and utilizing nurses on light duty status who have restrictions that are keeping them from performing their full clinical duties on a temporary basis. When her staffing needs arise, she contracts Disability Management and makes DMS aware of her light duty opportunities.  She is facilitating the use of the clinical knowledge these nurses have, in less physically demanding roles, handling case management functions at the Transplant Center.  In addition to allowing these nurses to continue working during their recuperation, she has also hired one of the nurses for a permanent position.  Her flexibility on start dates and her willingness to orient and train as needed has been a model for such accommodation efforts.

Jennifer Kellogg - Chief Administrative Officer, Radiation Oncology

Jennifer has mentored her staff in how to navigate the process leading to successful reasonable accommodations.  She is engaging and upholds confidentiality to its utmost importance.  Her kindness and compassion is genuine and she looks for ways to assist the staff to be successful in the workplace. She is very collaborative and always involves the Disability Management Services staff through each step of the process.  She has handled some challenging accommodations engaging through the Interactive Process with strength, determination and confidence.  She expedites the process and provides the necessary tools and accommodations to her staff in order for them to be successful.  Her endless support and words of encouragement is a testament of a great leader.

Special Recognition:

Fredna Karneges - Manager, Disability Management Services

Fredna has leveled barriers for the disabled population on campus since 1984.  She has long advocated for and furthered a campus culture modeling the same goals now embodied in Affirmative Action, ADA, and ADAA and the Principles of Community.  Each day Fredna works with disabled faculty, staff and their supervisors to create solutions for the challenges the disabled individuals face in the workplace, demonstrating that compliance with law and policy can be carried out with great compassion.  Fredna also serves on campus committees that promote equal access for the disabled including the: ADA Special Access Funding Committee; the Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee and the Disability Issues Administrative Advisory Committee.  She has also moved the campus forward toward greater accessibility by providing inspiration, leadership and motivation to insure the Mobility Assistance Shuttle, a program once only available to students, is now available to the entire campus community.