Disability Issues Administrative Advisory Committee (DIAAC)

DIAAC Charge

The Disability Issues Administrative Advisory Committee has the following charge:

Advises the Chancellor (through Associate Executive Vice Chancellor-Campus Community Relations) on policies and procedures affecting persons with disabilities relative to employment, educational opportunities, and removal of architectural barriers.

The overarching responsibility of the Committee is to provide the campus leaders and the campus community with advice concerning ways to:

  • Identify problems related to employment, educational opportunities, and the removal of architectural barriers.
  • Identify problems related to the needs of the disabled at UC Davis; to assist in the evaluation of these needs and to recommend action in response to these identified needs.
  • Serve as a forum for UC Davis groups in matters related to disability and share the issues under consideration with constituent organizations.

Committee Membership:

  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Students
  • Staff

The membership of this committee is representative of the entire campus community and includes a Chair elected by the members.

Membership Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Communicate information to represented group and to inform/update DIAAC on relevant issues and activities
  • Encouraged to serve on one sub/ad-hoc committee
  • Three non-excused consecutive absences may result in removal

Chairperson Responsibilities:

  • serves as the official committee spokesperson
  • serves a two-year term
  • chairs monthly and special meetings as called
  • plans monthly agendas in coordination with committee members and staff, and takes meeting notes
  • ensures appointment and effectiveness of standing and ad-hoc committees
  • responsible for receiving official communication and directing communication to the campus community
  • coordinates the submission of DIAAC Annual Report for the Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Campus Community Relations
  • provides regular updates and consultation to Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Campus Community Relations
Ad Hoc Committees:

Shall be formed at the discretion of the Chair to address current issues or short term projects. A committee chair will designated on formation of committee

Committee chair is responsible for providing updates to DIAAC committee

Standing Sub-Committees:

Standing Sub-Committees shall be formed at the discretion the Chair and/or OCCR for specific on-going purposes. A sub-committee chair will be designated on formation of committee. Sub-committee chairs will be responsible to report back to SDAAC on their activities. Examples of sub-committees:

  • Facilities
  • Technology/Website
  • Transportation
  • Public Events
  • Disability Awareness Symposium and Technology Fair

Committee Meets Monthly: 

DIAAC meets every second Thursday from 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. - No Meetings in July, August or September.  


Nominations for Chair will be held every two years in the spring, taking office in July. Nomination can be from another DIAAC member in good standing or self nominating, only voting members are eligible to hold office. Nominees are required to submit a letter of intent to the Chair. All voting members will receive a voting packet outlining the candidate's qualifications and ballot return information.