History of the Latino Staff and Faculty Association

We began our efforts during the fall of 1987. The idea came from individuals who, from their own needs, felt that other Hispanic employees might also benefit from a network of others who share cultural and ethnic similarities. These individuals charged each other to seek one other Hispanic employee and meet for lunch. Since that first luncheon our group has grown to over 425 members between the two campuses.

Community Legacy Movement with Chancellor Vanderhoef

April 3, 2001

Chancellor Vanderhoef met with the Constituent Group Chairs (of which LSFA is a member) to address staff and faculty diversity on January 26, 2001. The Group Chairs has responded with a Thank You Memo, as well as a set of recommendations for the University to target. Some highlights:

1. Develop a standard recruitment/hiring process that attracts talented, knowledgeable staff/faculty/students who embrace the values of our "Principles of Community"; including increasing staff outreach, recruitment and retention efforts targeting underrepresented groups at all levels.

2. Improve the campus climate in a way that acknowledges and respects the diversity of our students, staff and faculty.

3. Create avenues of communication across all levels of the university, which includes sharing of information between the administration and Constituent Group.

The idea for the meeting occurred shortly after the Chancellor's annual Convocation lunch. The Constituent Group Chair thereafter proposed the Community Legacy Meeting to address some of the issues the Chancellor raised in his Convocations speech.