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  1. Go to http://logiprod.ucdavis.edu/diversity and enter your Kerberos password and login ID
  2. Note that the top navigation bar is mostly help related, but also includes a tab to the menu.
  3. The Report Menu is the main body of the landing page. Select your target report or Report Builder from the list.
  4. Return to the menu from anywhere on the site by clicking the Menu button in the top navigation bar. 

Terms of Use:

By applying for access or logging on to the Diversity Profiles Dashboard, you acknowledge that you have read, you understand, and you agree to comply with the following campus policies:

  1. 310-23, Electronic Communications--Allowable Use
  2. 310-23a, Electronic Communications – Acceptable Use Policy
  3. 310-24, Electronic Communications--Privacy and Access
  4. 320-20, Privacy of and Access to Information
  5. 320-21, Privacy and Disclosure of Information from Student Records

In addition, you agree to the following terms:


Account Security. I agree to keep my account credentials secret. I understand that it is a violation of this agreement and campus policy to share my username or password with others, or to enable others to use the system under my account. I understand that all activity on the system is logged and audited, and that my access to the system may be terminated at any time without cause or notification.

Responsible Use. I agree to use the system responsibly, for authorized professional purposes. I understand that information maintained on the system may be sensitive or confidential in nature, and should be maintained as such. I understand that the aggregation, sale or transfer of information on the site is prohibited. While efforts are made to keep information on the system as current and free of errors as possible, I understand all data in the system are to be considered unaudited and I will not disclose any data from the system to any organization outside UC Davis. I understand that I may not release this information, in any form, to parties who do not have a direct interest in the purpose of this tool, including, but not limited to, researchers, surveyors or journalists.

Non-Disclosure. I agree to maintain details about system design in confidence, including user interfaces, business processes, programming interfaces, and underlying storage architectures. I understand that reverse engineering or copying elements of the system without permission is expressly prohibited by this agreement and violates university policy, intellectual property laws and copyright laws.

If you have any questions or concerns about agreeing to the Terms of Use, or if you require clarification of any of the terms, feel free to decline the agreement and contact Vickie Gomez at vlgomez@ucdavis.edu.