Diversity Courses: SDPS Supervisory Development Programs

Understanding Diversity Certificate Series

This series is designed to offer participants an in-depth opportunity to examine the many difference that exist in our community and to gain a greater understanding of how we can work together to create a bias-free environment. 

  • SafeZone: Understanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual Identities
  • Trans SafeZone: Understanding Trans Identity
  • Understanding Religious Differences in the Workplace
  • Unpacking Oppression
  • Understanding Diversity and Social Justice

Preparing for Supervision Certificate Series

If you would like to become a supervisor or lead at UC Davis you can begin by attending the "Preparing for Supervision" Certificate Series. This series uses a blended learning approach combining instructor-led and e-learning courses. In addition, you will work on your individual development plan as you work on your transition from an individual contributor role to one of supervisor. 

Core course include: Living the Principles of Community (on-line course)

Mastering Supervision Certificate Series

One of the most remarkable characteristics of our campus community is the caliber and commitment of its supervisors who play a most critical role in achieving excellence at UC Davis. The Mastering Supervision Certificate Series offers a combination of core courses and electives tailored to experienced supervisors' needs. 

Core courses include: Leading and Managing in a Multicultural Community

Student Advising Certificate Series

Whether you spend the majority or a portion of your time advising students, dealing with special advising situations can be challenging, as well as rewarding work. The Student Advising Certificate Series is designed for seasoned as well as new student advisors. If you advise students, be sure to join experienced facilitators and your campus colleagues for this customized series on student advising. 

Core courses include: Working with Diverse Student Population

International Scholar Services Series

This series is for department contacts and other administrators who work with immigration request forms and immigration documents for international scholars. The goal of this series is to familiarize staff on the main campus and at the UC Davis Medical Center with basic immigration rules and regulations, as well as the forms, policies and procedures involved in hosting and/or employing international (non-immigrant) scholars. In addition, one workshop will deal with the basic information for departments who want to sponsor an international scholar for permanent residence (a "green card"). Finally, because staff who are responsible for request forms and documents often also work directly with international scholars, an additional component of this certificate series is an important class on Intercultural Communications and Competence. 

Core courses include: Intercultural Communication and Competence

Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate Series

This series explores the rich dynamics of cross-cultural interactions and provides participants with knowledge and skill to increase their effectiveness in relating across cultural differences.

  • Intercultural Communications and Competence
  • Culturally Inclusive Language
  • Understanding Diversity and Social Justice
  • Disability Awareness in the Workplace
  • Intercultural Recruitment and Selection Process

Developing as a Supervisor Certificate Series

A supervisor is one of the most important positions at UC Davis, one that deserves investment and support to ensure success for both the supervisor's career and the University's pursuit of organizational excellence. An effective supervisor models excellent interpersonal communication; inspires a common vision; demonstrates respect for a diverse community; encourages teamwork and collaboration; and coaches, evaluates and develops people in alignment with our university vision. A decision maker, problem solver, conflict manager, coach, motivator--these are some of the many roles a supervisor will assume. Designed for new-to-role supervisors, the UC Davis "Developing as a Supervisor" program integrates the essential aspects of supervision at UC Davis. 

Core courses include:

  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Diversity Awareness for New Supervisors
  • Living the Principles of Community (on-line course)

Community Leadership

  • Leading and Managing in a Multicultural Community
  • Culturally Respectful Training
  • Living the Principles of Community (on-line course)

On-line Diversity Course

Living the Principles of Community

All diversity-related courses use the tenets of the UC Davis Principles of Community as the guiding principles in the development of courses, workshops and training programs. This on-line course is an addition to the existing menu of diversity-related courses offered through SDPS, but incorporates technology to enrich training opportunities. One of the advantages of this web-based training module is portability, therefore, more individuals on campus can access the course and integrate is readily in their professional development plan. Additionally, the course covers a broad range of diversity topics, which include information on legal issues, policy implementation, current employment practices, state and federal laws, and behavior expectations.

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