Career Staff Fee Assistance Program for Career-Related Employees

Completed applications will be accepted either two months prior to the start of the course (with accompanying registration receipt) and up to two months following the completion of the course (with registration receipt AND transcripts). Please note that ALL awards require transcript documentation as described in detail below.

Contact information for the Career Staff Development Fee Assistance Program

Tammy McNiff
Office of Campus Community Relations
University of California ~ Davis
Phone: (530) 752-7124


Applications are reviewed by committee every 2 months.

Conditions of Award

  • Employees must be career staff employees with a minimum of one year of service, and must be in good standing (most recent performance evaluation must be satisfactory/meets expectations or higher).
  • Training must assist the employee in obtaining his/her career goals at UC Davis; training that is specific to an employee's current position will not be considered for an award under this program.
  • Applications may be submitted for enrollment in career-related courses offered by colleges, universities, or other training institutions such as UC Davis Extension.
  • Courses offered by outside institutions that duplicate those available through campus Staff Development & Professional Services or UCDHS Training and Development offices or through UC Davis Extension may not be approved.
  • Due to budgetary constraints, funds are not available to pay for conferences/professional meetings, and certification exam expenses/fees.
  • Funds are not available to pay membership dues.
  • Applications for training related to professional continuing education and certifications related to current employment will not be considered. 
  • Applicants utilizing STEP program  funds ( are ineligible for the Career Staff Development Fee Assistance program. If STEP funds have been exhausted, applications may be submitted for consideration providing other program criteria are met.
  • Only fully completed and timely applications will be considered - applications must be submitted no more than 2 months following the completion of the training.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. It is the employee's responsibility to retain a copy of the application and supporting documentation.
  • Employees funded through this program must submit:
    • Proof of payment for program registration at the time the application is submitted
    • proof of satisfactory completion (e.g., transcript or official course grade) within two months of the last class day of the course. Failure to provide proof of completion will result in the employee being held financially liable for all funded costs. Send proof to the Office of Campus Community Relations (address, contact information above).

Fee Assistance Award Procedure

  • Payment of award will be made upon approval of the application
  • A maximum of $300 per application may be awarded contingent upon approval by the reviewing committee. Up to $600 may be awarded in a fiscal year to cover actual course/registration fees only. No more than $1,500 may be awarded in total.

Applicant Checklist

  1. 3-Page Application for Career Staff Fee Assistance Payment
  2. Copy of course announcement/description with dates and fees.
  3. Proof of payment for course (original receipt)

» I have read and understand all directions and admonitions above, please take me to the application form.

Other programs:

STEP (Staff Tuition for Education Program) - UCDHS employees only
UC Davis Health System
Training & Development
(916) 734-2676.

UC Employee-Student Reduced Fee Program

What are the benefits?
Qualified employees receive a two-thirds reduction of the UC registration and education fees (up to nine units or three regular session courses per quarter, whichever is greater). This reduced fee program does not apply to UC Extension courses and most UC Davis professional schools (e.g., School of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Management, School of Nursing, etc.).

Who is eligible?
Non-probationary UC career employees who meet the admissions requirements of the University of California.  

How do I apply?
Eligible employees must complete the Reduced Fee Authorization Form, have their employment status certified by UC Davis Health System Training and Development and submit to the Registrar’s Office by the 10th day of instruction.

UC Davis Extension

What are the benefits?
A 20% fee discount (with a savings of up to $200) that applies to most course offerings through UC Davis Extension or the UC Davis Extension Open Campus Program.

A 50% fee discount when eligible employees enroll in a course three or fewer working days prior to the course start date. This discount is only offered on a space available basis and applies to most UC Davis Extension courses.

Who is eligible?
All UC Davis career staff and academics

How do I apply?
For more information, contact UC Davis Extension at (800) 752-0881.

Professional Development

        (530) 752-1766

For questions about these programs, please contact the department associated with those programs.

» APPLICATION to the Career Staff Development Fee Assistance Program:

I have read and understand all directions and admonitions above, please take me to the application form.