2010-2011 Campus Community Book Project

Get Involved

Campus and community members are encouraged to incorporate the book into campus and community programs and to adopt the book for 2010-2011 courses across the disciplines. Members of the University and greater community are also invited to be a part of the CCBP Program Planning Committee that will meet through the summer months to develop the book project program. If you are interested in being a part of the book project planning team, please contact Mikael Villalobos, (mbvillalobos@ucdavis.edu) Administrator of Diversity Education and Chair of the Campus Community Book Project.

Planning Committee Members:

Mikael Villalobos - Chair

Griselda Castro
Joy Evans
Lori Fuller
Cynthia Goldberg
Kathryn Keyes
Mikaela Huntzinger
Nicki King
Justin Ling
Megan Macklin
Jann Murray-Garcia
Christie Navarro
Erin Palmer
Hong Pham
M. Eleanor Pingul
Paul Takushi
Jill Van Zanten
Michelle Villegas-Frazier