2009-2010 Campus Community Book Project

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  • September 22: Sleep 101 The ABC of Getting your ZZZs: A Guide to Achieving Blissful Rest,
    Steven Brass, Neurology,
    Noon – 1 PM, UC Davis School of Medicine, Education Building,
    Room 3228 A & B, Sacramento Campus

  • September 25: Reception, Painting in Rome and Umbria
    4pm – 6 PM, Education Abroad Center, 207 Third St.

  • September 25: THE BUZZ, Office of Campus Community Relations Booth
    6 PM – 10 PM, The Quad

  • October 13: Does God Want Me To Be Happy - An Examination of the Data on Happiness and Religion,
    Robert Emmons, Psychology,
    Noon – 1 PM, Garrison Room, Memorial Union
    Does religion lead to happiness? Although prominent psychologists (Sigmund Freud and Albert Ellis) and contemporary atheists (Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitches) contend that religion psychologically harms people, scientific research shows small but significant benefits of religion to well-being. Data from around the world indicate that those who believe in God and an afterlife are, on average, happier than those who reject religious belief. Various potential explanations for the religion-happiness link will be explored.

  • October 13: Got Bliss? A Conversation about the Personal Meaning of Wellness and Strategies on Achieving and Maintaining It,
    Andreea Seritan, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
    Noon – 1 PM, Education Building, Room 1204, Sacramento Campus

  • October 15: The Philosophy of Bliss, G.J. Mattey, Philosophy,
    Noon – 1:30 PM, Mee Room, Memorial Union
    The Geography of Bliss contains many references to philosophers and to philosophical descriptions of happiness.  In depth discussion of the views of the philosophers mentioned in the book will be highlighted, which includes philosophical issues raised by the book’s author in the quest to understand the meaning of happiness.

  • October 20: Blissful Thinking - From Disorders to Well-Being,
    Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Center for Reducing Health Disparities & Internal Medicine,
    Noon – 1:00 PM, Education Building, Room 1204, Sacramento Campus

  • October 20: Insider’s Guide to Happiness at UC Davis – A Student Panel Sharing Tips on How to Be Connected, Be Well and Be Successful,
    Health Education and Promotion,
    8:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Tercero Main Ballroom

  • October 22: Humor and Bliss,
    Karma Waltonen, University Writing Program,
    4 PM – 5:30 PM, Garrison Room, Memorial Union

  • October 27: Are We There Yet? A Closer Look at the Virtue of Patience in our Quest for Happiness,
    Sarah Schnitker, Psychology,
    NOON – 1 PM, Garrison Room, Memorial Union
    Do good things come to those who wait? Across time and cultures, moral philosophers, theologians, and writers have identified patience as a virtue that leads to happiness and positive life outcomes.  More recently, empirical research has demonstrated an association between trait patience and well-being and has highlighted several mediating processes of this relation.

  • October 29: Career Catalyst Series: Career Bliss – Finding Happiness at Work,
    Carina Celesia Moore, Staff Development and Professional Services; Mikael Villalobos, Office of Campus Community Relations,
    NOON – 1 PM, Cabernet Room, Silo Union
    Our careers are journeys with all the bumps and bliss. UC Davis has a reputation for being a great place to work; many people grow their careers here and stay a long time. Who comes to mind when you think about people at UC Davis who are happy, have made a mark, shared their wisdom as mentors? Discover what contributes to finding happiness at work. Whether or not you have had the chance to read this year’s campus community book, The Geography of Bliss, you can find out why author Eric Weiner writes that “place – in every aspect of the word – shapes us, defines us.”  Attend this workshop and explore the journey of career bliss and finding happiness at work.

  • November 3: Gendering the Geography of Bliss,
    Peg Swain, Women’s Resource and Research Center & Women and Gender Studies Program, Laura Grindstaff, Sociology & Consortium for Women and Research, Jee-Eun Song, Cultural Studies, and Valerie Vaughn, Geography,
    NOON – 1:30 PM, 126 Voorhies

  • November 4: When is Happy Enough? How Authenticity and Meaning Foster a Life Worth Living,
    Mitchel Adler, MindBody Intelligence Consulting,
    NOON – 1:00 PM, Fielder Room, Memorial Union
    One of the greatest challenges to sustainable happiness is the pressure we place on ourselves to be happy.  The natural disappointments with life’s inevitable challenges and struggles can bring us down, leaving us feeling like failures on our quest to “always be happy.”  By aspiring for a meaningful life rather than a perfect life, we just might find a much better life.  This talk will explore the essential role of meaning and purpose in developing a sustainable sense of vitality and joy, balanced with other real life emotions, to create an authentic life worth living.

  • November 9: The Social Nature of Personal Well-Being,
    Rand Conger, Human and Community Development,
    NOON – 1:30 PM, Heitman Staff Learning Center (formerly the Hog Barn)
    This presentation explores what Weiner calls the "chicken and egg" problem. That is, does happiness lead to health and good social relationships or do health and good relationships lead to happiness. Data from a study of adolescents are used to try to answer these questions.

  • November 12:If You Can't Find Happiness Right Where You Are, Where Else Do You Expect To Find It? - The "Geography of Bliss" and the Ascending Relocalization Movement,
    Robert Thayer, Landscape and Architecture Program, Environmental Design,
    NOON – 1:30 PM, Garrison Room, Memorial Union

  • November 17:Where’s Your Bliss – A Forum on Defining Happiness Based on the International Education Experience,
    Education Abroad Center,
    NOON – 1:00 PM, Education Abroad Center, 207 Third Street

  • November 18:The American Dream – The Immigrant Experience in Search of Bliss,
    Natacha Foo Kune, Counseling and Psychological Services & Asian-American Studies,
    NOON – 1:00 PM, East Conference Room, Memorial Union
    There is some evidence that some immigrants find their bliss in the U.S., and there is evidence that some struggle on their way, due to societal factors, economic factors, racism, xenophobia, and unexpected acculturation factors for themselves and their families. While challenging the “American Dream”, this presentation also provides information on ways immigrants can still find their bliss.

  • Rescheduled November 24: Food and Happiness, (Originally Nov. 19)
    Charlotte Biltekoff, Food Science and Technology & American Studies; Carolyn De La Pena, American Studies & Humanities Institute,
    1:30 PM – 3 PM, 126 Voorhies Hall
    145 varieties of salad dressing. 200 kinds of cereal. 15  types of mustard.  20 diet sodas.  With so many food choices facing us on every aisle how can we possibly make one that makes us happy? Does variety enhance our happiness? Or does it lead to disappointment?  And is there a relationship between food choice and health? Through short screenings and discussions, this session will give you an opportunity to become more aware of your food environment and its impact on you.

  • November 30: The Internal Geography of Well-being: Training Attention and Emotion Regulation Through Intensive Meditation - Brain, Behavioral, and Biochemical Evidence,
    Cliff Saron, Center for Mind and Brain,
    NOON – 1:30 PM, Heitman Staff Learning Center (formerly the Hog Barn), Hamilton Room

  • December 14: Lunch and Learn: Career Bliss - Finding Happiness at Work,
    Carina Celesia Moore, Staff Development and Professional Services; Mikael Villalobos, Office of Campus Community Relations,
    NOON – 1:00 PM, Facilities Support Services Building (FSSB), Room 2030, Sacramento Campus (South of the Medical School and Hospital)


  • September 18 – October 3: Art and Bliss – An Exhibit of Student Work from the Summer Abroad program, Painting in Rome and Umbria,
    Education Abroad Center, 207 Third Street

  • November 2 – December 18: Designing Places for Happiness– An Exhibit of Student Work from the Landscape and Architecture Program,
    Landscape and Architecture Program, Environmental Design,
    MU Art Lounge, Memorial Union

  • Fall Quarter:On the Geography of Bliss: A bibliography of suggested readings ,
    Shields Library, First Floor


  • October 22: Film: “Bhutan – Gross National Happiness,”Introduction to Documentary Studies (TCS 155),
    Technocultural Studies,
    Screening 9 AM - 10:20 AM, 1150 Hart Hall

Book discussions

  • November 15
    Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, 27074 Patwin Road, Davis,
    1 PM – 3 PM. Contact Kirk Ridgeway at klridge@comcast.net for more information.

Author’s Visit

  • Dec. 1: Forum@MC: Why Republicans Are So Happy (And Other Tales from the Science of Happiness) – A panel discussion with CCBP featured author, Eric Weiner, Dr. Robert Emmons, UC Davis Professor of Psychology, and Helen Thomson, Yolo County Board Supervisor. Moderated by Jeffrey Callison, Host of Cap Radio Insight.,
    4 PM – 5 PM, Jackson Hall, Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

  • Dec. 1: Author’s Talk: Mapping the Geography of Bliss,
    8 PM – 9:30 PM, Jackson Hall, Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

  • Dec. 1: Book Signing by Eric Weiner
    9:30 PM, Rumsey Rancheria Grand Lobby, Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

Programs subject to change. Please check back often for updates.