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Book Project Planning Team

2003 Campus Community Book Project Suggestions


2003 Book Project Planning Team

Alison Kent

Graduate Studies

Beth Deitchman


Binnie Singh

Office of the Provost

Bob Nevraumont

Employee and Labor Relations

Danielle Robinson

Student Assistant to the Chancellor

Darias Pazeirandeh

Experimental College

Diane Carlson

College of Engineering

Elvia Garcia-Ayala

Community Mediation Service

Gary Goodman


Jane King

Environmental Science and Policy

Jane Thomson

Law School

Joanne Haller

Davis Peace Coalition

Joaquin Feliciano

Graduate Studies

John Ortiz-Hudson

African American and African Studies Program

Lynn Fowler

Advising Services

Mary Reid


Patricia McCarty

University Extension

Paul Takushi


Rahim Reed

Office of the Provost

Sally Waters

Mediation Services

Sherri Schilling

Law School

Tammy McNiff

Office of Campus Community Relations

Yvonne Marsh

Student Affairs Vice Chancellor's Office


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