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2003 Campus Community Book Project Suggestions


Humanities I Course

Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha: Violence and Non-Violence in Religion

The Campus Community Book Project in conjunction with Professor Naomi Janowitz is offering a unique opportunity to staff, parents, alumni, and community members to participate in an interdisciplinary course at UC Davis. This course, Humanities I, will engage students in a critical examination of violence and non-violence in diverse religious traditions. This course will explore the paradox of religion as a source of violent images and imperatives on the one hand and of principled notions of non-violence on the other. What is the role of violence/non-violence in the founding of a religious tradition and in the lives and thoughts of religious thinkers? What is the relationship in religious identity formation between the impulse to attack others and to forgive? How do religious thinkers sanction violence or further non-violent resistance?

This course is being offered free of charge to staff, parents, alumni, and community members. In order to take Hum 1, those participants who are not registered UC Davis students will sign up for the course in space provided below. The course will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:10-1. However, for those parents, staff, alumni, or community members who either cannot attend class in person, or who prefer to take this course in an online format, the lectures will be taped and then put on the course website. Anyone who registers for the course can then view the lectures and be part of an on-line discussion. Those completing the class who are not registered UC Davis students will receive a certification of completion.

This course offers a unique opportunity for continued discussion about the Campus Community Book Project's chosen selection for 2003, Gandhi's Way: A Handbook of Conflict Resolution by Mark Juergensmeyer. The partnership between the Office of Campus Community Relations and Professor Janowitz offers a rare option for in-depth exploration of the themes of conflict resolution and non-violence within an academic environment. We are excited about this pilot program and encourage all members of our extended UC Davis community to participate.

The deadline for registration for the course is January 8, 2004.


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