Biography of Mikael Villalobos: Administrator of Diversity Education

Mikael Villalobos, Ed.D. is the Associate Chief Diversity Officer with the Office of Campus Community Relations in the Offices of the Chancellor at UC Davis. Prior to joining the Office of Campus Community Relations in 2008, he served as a Regional Outreach Coordinator, Assistant Director and Educational Partnership Manager with the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), an academic preparation program within the UC Davis Division of Student Affairs. Active in social justice work and diversity education, Mikael is also a senior member of Diversity Trainers Institute, a team of UC Davis diversity educators who develop, teach and facilitate workshops and courses to students, staff and faculty on topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity.  A UC Davis alumnus, Mikael has been a UC Davis staff member since 1993.  He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UC Davis. He also has a consulting practice in diversity education, conflict mediation and organizational development.