AAFSA Membership

Welcome to the African American Faculty & Staff Association

The African American Faculty & Staff Association (AAFSA) elected new leaders in the summer of 2018 to serve a two-year term. Under the leadership of Danica Tisdale Fisher (Chair) the AAFSA leadership team fully supports the actualization of the Principles of Community and UC Davis' Strategic Plan.  The Association will continue to 1) build a strong and active network of African American Faculty & Staff members; 2) increase engagement of faculty in AAFSA; 3) advocate for issues and concerns of AAFSA members; and 4) increase visibility and interest in AAFSA.


 AAFSA List Serves

Here are the key list serves for AAFSA. If you need to reach the leadership team, just send an email to leadership-aafsa@ucdavis.edu. If you want to join any of the support groups or committees, please use http://lists.ucdavis.edu to search and join the list.