Diversity Profiles

The Diversity Profiles is designed to establish a campus repository where data on diversity and inclusion for faculty, staff and students can be collected on an annual basis.  For the first phase we are collecting a 5 year “snap shot” of data. This will establish a baseline for the Deans and Vice Chancellors of the 22 major academic and administrative units to set meaningful goals for their units. The project goals are:
  1. Gather auditable diversity and inclusion data into a central campus data repository (Campus Data Warehouse-Budget and Institutional Analysis (BIA)).
  2. Build a tool that enables senior campus leadership to:
    1. Access complete, thorough and accurate data related to campus diversity and inclusion;
    2. Generate status reports for each of the 22 academic and administrative units, as well as a campus-wide Diversity Profiles Accountability Report.
    3. Enable campus leadership to view trends and measure progress by unit and for the campus as a whole over time.
    4. Restrict access as needed.
  3. Provide an accountability framework for evaluating the senior leaders of the 22 major campus units on progress towards achieving diversity and inclusion goals.
  4. Develop and document the annual reporting processes, including how data will be updated and reports generated.