Courses, Seminars, Trainings and Workshops

The Diversity Education Program provides educational opportunities through courses, seminars, trainings and workshops to campus units and departments. Using the tenets of the UC Davis Principles of Community as guiding principles, these educational activities aim to increase awareness and sensitivity about the diversity that makes up our campus community. Through facilitated discussions, these educational sessions engage participants in dialogue about creating a more inclusive campus community and developing the important skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse institution. 

SDPS Dialogues on Diversity Courses

The following courses are offered through UC Davis Staff Development and Professional Services (SDPS). Taken on its own or as part of a certificate series, each course offers learners an opportunity to explore the diversity that defines our campus community and gain a deeper understanding of our respective  roles in creating a bias-free campus and environment. Click here to enroll in these courses. 

Understanding Diversity Certificate Series

This series is designed to offer participants an in-depth opportunity to examine the many difference that exist in our community and to gain a greater understanding of how we can work together to create a bias-free environment. 

Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate Series

This series explores the rich dynamics of cross-cultural interactions and provides participants with knowledge and skills to increase their effectiveness in relating across cultural differences.

Living the Principles of Community (Online Course)

The Living the Principles of Community e-learning course is designed to promote inclusiveness and respect in the work and learning environment at UC Davis, introducing the concepts to new members of the campus community while reinforcing them to existing members. Participants will become familiar with ways to integrate the UC Davis Principles of Community into their own workplaces and classrooms. This highly interactive course includes up-to-date information on discrimination, sexual harassment, affirmative action and diversity along with the University’s policies governing these issues. Through realistically subtle and complex scenarios, learners discover that there is more than one “right” way of preventing, managing and resolving conflicts related to these topics. This course will inform and equip participants with essential knowledge and skills, ultimately resulting in fewer such conflicts, improved morale, decreased institutional liability, and a more respectful and inclusive campus environment.  

Other Courses Offered Through SDPS

The following diversity-related courses are also offered through SDPS and/or are part of the certificate series. 

Any of these courses can be modified to fit the needs of a unit, campus department or organization. To request a specialized presentation, training or workshop for your group, please contact the Office of Campus Community Relations.