Chancellor's Achievement Awards for Diversity and Community

These awards were established in 2002 to honor achievements that contribute in substantial ways to the development and well-being of our diverse and evolving community.  UC Davis faculty, staff, and students, and local community members are eligible for an award in any of the following categories:
  • Exemplary service that embodies the Principles of Community through outstanding leadership in areas of social and/or cultural understanding, local or regional community involvement, and/or collaborations leading to increased knowledge or expertise in areas of special interest to the campus.

  • Outstanding efforts toward achieving and/or advancing a diverse and principled academic community, including exemplary service in the areas of student, staff, and faculty recruitment and development.

  • Exemplary scholarship having a major impact on community and diversity.

  • Exemplary contributions to the success of campus-based outreach efforts.

  • Exemplary service to the campus and/or community through active leadership, involvement in pre-college partnership initiatives, etc.

Selection factors will include, but not be limited to relative impact of each nominee's contribution to diversity and community for the campus and/or community as a whole; relative merit of contribution to a critical area of diversity and/or community; length/duration of contribution; and potential of award to model exemplary service for others (for example, increasing the pool of diverse applicants among student, staff, and faculty ranks; increasing understanding of the role of diversity in education; service and commitment toward building campus-local community relationships; or introducing diversity and community-related curricula in subject areas where such material is not normally featured).

Six awards are available, one to a member of each of the following constituencies: Academic Senate, Academic Federation, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, and members of the local community. The award process will consist of a nomination component, a selection component, and a special awards reception at the Chancellor's Residence will take place in Winter Quarter. A monetary prize will accompany receipt of the award.
Nominations are usually solicited in October of each year.

Past Awardees