ADMAN Membership

At-Large (Includes non-academic departments such as ADMINISTRATIVE/SERVICE units and ORUs)

Christina Adamson  Statewide IPM Program, Davis Campus

Peter Blando  Vice Provost – Information & Educational Technology, Davis Campus

Lisa Borchard  Vice Provost – Undergraduate Studies, Davis Campus

Leann Castaneda  Development & Alumni Relations, Davis Campus

Andrea Careway  Development & Alumni Relations, Davis Campus

Kobe Childs-Floyd  Accounting & Financial Services, Davis

Sherrell Cline-Richmond  ANR: Communication Services, Davis Campus

Donna Connolly  School of Education, Davis Campus

Janice Corbett  ASUCD, Davis Campus

Sandra Cortes Accounting & Financial Services, Davis

Julienne Degeyter  Student Health & Counseling Services, Davis Campus

Marlene Denham  Office of Research, Davis Campus

Trisha Dinh  Agriculture and Natural Resources, Davis

Elizabeth Ehnat  Human Resources, Davis Campus

Lisa Finnegan  Graduate Studies, Davis Campus

Joanne Fuller  Counseling & Psychological Services, Davis Campus

Andrey Furmuzan  Facilities Management, Davis Campus

William Garrity  Library Administration, Davis Campus

Emily Galindo  Student Affairs, Davis Campus

Kelly Gilmore  Material Management, Davis Campus

Michele Goodman  Graduate School of Management, Davis Campus

Lourdes Gomez  Student Housing, Davis Campus

Michelle Hammer-Coffer  Agriculture and Natural Resources, Davis Campus

Sally Harmsworth  Agriculture and Natural Resources, Davis Campus

Kerry Hasa  School of Education, Davis Campus

Esther Hernandez  Library Administration, Davis Campus

Ernest Hoftyzer  Institute of Transportation Studies, Davis

Darlene Hunter  Admissions, Davis Campus

Diana (DeeDee) Kitchen   Graduate School of Management, Davis Campus

Michael Kuhner  Accounting & Financial Services, Davis

Steven Lanterman    Facilities Management, Davis Campus

Mary Macias  Student Health Services, Davis Campus

Rosemary Martin-Ocampo  Graduate Studies, Davis Campus

Elizabeth McCoy  UC Davis Extension, Davis

Cherie McDougald  ANR: Central Valley Region, Parlier, CA

Tammy McNiff  OCP: Campus Community Engagement, Davis Campus

Mary Ann Mellor  School of Education, Davis Campus

Allison Mitchell  FOA: Capital and Space Planning, Davis Campus

John Mueller  Shared Services Center, Davis Campus

BreAnda Northcutt   Finance, Operations and Administration, Davis Campus

Cindy Oropeza  UCDHS: Human Resources, UCDHS

Robert Pattison  Office of Research, Davis Campus

Christy Pearce Repro Graphics, Davis

Steve Pigg  School of Education, Davis Campus

Corey Pope  Student Housing, Davis Campus

Carmen Raycraft  Offices of Chancellor & Provost, Davis Campus

Sara Reed  Shared Services Center, Davis Campus

Kim Rhodes  Campus Planning and Community Resources, Davis Campus

Joni Rippee  ANR: Research & Extension Centers, UCOP, Oakland, CA

Brenda Scalzi  Utilities, Davis Campus

Diane Schroeder  Center for Health & Environment, Davis Campus

Patricia Serviss  Student Affairs, Davis Campus

Katharine Shasky  Office of the Chancellor and Provost, Davis Campus

Jeanne Shelby  Internship & Career Center, Davis Campus

Amy Shuman  Campus Recreation and Unions, Davis Campus

Binnie Singh  Academic Affairs, Davis Campus

Robin Souza  Undergraduate Admissions, Davis Campus

Amanda Steidlmayer  Graduate School of Management, Davis Campus

Teri Sugai  Shared Services Center, Davis Campus

Elizabeth Vaziri  Budget & Institutional Analysis, Davis Campus

Megan Glide Villasenor Shared Services Center, Davis Campus

Kathleen Wilton  ASUCD, Davis Campus

Jennifer (Jill) Woodard  Offices of the Chancellor & Provost, Davis Campus

Joan Zimmermann  School of Education, Davis Campus

College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Elle Barnes  Cheddar Cluster: Agricultural & Resource Economics, Davis Campus

Christine Harlan  Metro Cluster: Plant and Environmental Sciences, Davis Campus

Julie Fritz-Rubert  CAES: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus

Dee Madderra  Plant Sciences, Davis Campus

Shana McDavis-Conway  Agricultural Sustainability Institute, Davis Campus

Nora Orozco  CAES: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus

Garry Pearson  Plant Sciences, Davis Campus

Jennifer Radke  BFTV Cluster, Davis Campus

Shannon Tanguay  CAES: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus

Kelly Wade  Food Chain Cluster, Davis Campus

College of Biological Sciences

Lisa Blake  Plant Biology, Davis Campus

Sally Ivory  Genome Center, Davis Campus

Eva Jakab  Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Davis Campus

Tina Jones  Molecular & Cellular Biology, Davis Campus

Cathy Miller  College of Biological Sciences, Davis Campus

Carla Munoz  Evolution & Ecology, Davis Campus

Cynthia Roberts  Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior, Davis Campus

Susan Sainz  Center for Neuroscience, Davis Campus

Gail Setka  Genome Center, Davis Campus

College of Engineering

Thomas Coursey  Electrical & Computer Engineering, Davis Campus

Elizabeth Gaby  Engineering Shared Services, Davis Campus

Susan Lopez  Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Davis Campus

Meshell Louderman  Computer Science, Davis Campus

Brooke Noonan  Civil & Environmental Engineering, Davis Campus

Rebecca Robinson  Biomedical Engineering, Davis Campus

Felicia Smith Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Davis Campus

Malena Teeters  Center For Molecular and Genomic Imaging (CMGI)

College of Letters & Sciences

Pat Aguilera  Statistics, Davis Campus

Jamie Brannan  California Lighting Technology Center, Davis Campus

Carmina Caselli  Psychology & Center for Mind & Brain, Davis Campus

Heavenly Clegg  Languages & Literatures, Davis Campus

Yoke Dellenback  Division of Social Sciences, Davis Campus

Corrine Esser  Earth & Planetary Sciences, Davis Campus

Carlos Garcia  Hart Interdisciplinary Program, Davis Campus

Bill Jackson  L&S: Mathematical & Physical Sciences Dean's Office, Davis Campus

Tracy Lade  Physics, Davis Campus

Tracy Ligtenberg  L&S: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus

Gladis Lopez  Mathematics, Davis Campus

Nancy McLaughlin  Division of Social Sciences, Davis Campus

Kathy Miner  Social Sciences Blue Cluster, Davis Campus

Jasbindra Murray  Social Sciences Orange Cluster, Davis Campus

Karen Nofziger  Arts Administrative Group, Davis Campus

Madeline (Denise) Pennington  California Lighting Technology Center, Davis

Jeremy Phillips  Division of Social Sciences, Davis Campus

Jessica Potts  Chemistry, Davis Campus

Steve Roth  L&S: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus

Cynthia Simmons  Political Science, Davis Campus

Erum Syed  Social Sciences Green Cluster, Davis Campus

Darla Tafoya  Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies, Davis Campus

School of Law

Kristina Do-Vu School of Law, Davis Campus

School of Medicine / UC Davis Health System

Laura Barnes  UCDHS: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, UCDHS

Annette Davis  SOM:Public Health Sciences, UCDHS

Catherine Diaz-Khansefid  Pathology, UCDHS

Kathleen Dooley  UCDHS: Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, UCDHS

Sandy Higby  SOM: Physiology & Membrane Biology, Davis Campus

Kimberly Lane  UCDHS: Public Affairs & Marketing, UCDHS

Gaylene Miller  SOM: Public Health Sciences, UCDHS

Stacy Miller  MED: Neurology, UCDHS

Maria Rodriguez  UCDHS: Radiation Oncology, UCDHS

Annemarie Seed  SOM: Public Health Sciences, UCDHS

Narriman Shahrokh  Med: Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, UCDHS

Anita Singh  SOM: Pharmacology, Davis Campus

Eteica Spencer  UCDHS: Surgery, UCDHS

Jeanine Stiles  UCDHS: Cancer Center, UCDHS

Steven Wells  UCDHS: Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, UCDHS

School of Veterinary Medicine

Sharon Anglin  VM: Center for Comparative Animal Health, Davis Campus

Celeste Borelli  School of Vet Med, Davis Campus

Denise Christensen  VM: Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology, Davis Campus

Kathryn (Kacey) Donovan-Bruce  VM: Center for Laboratory Animal Science, Davis Campus

Penny Farnham  VM: Teaching Hospital, Davis Campus

Dinah Greenstreet  VM: Surgical & Radiological Sciences, Davis Campus

Christine Herkenrath  VM: Center for Comparative Medicine, Davis Campus

Pamela Mazanet Belleau  VM: Medicine & Epidemiology, Davis Campus

Kimberly Ney  VM: Center for Equine Health, Davis Campus

Monique Peyton VM: Teaching Hospital, Davis Campus

Linda Potoski  VM: Department of Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology, Davis Campus

Nancy Wilson  VM: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus

Linda Ybarra  VM: Dean’s Office, Davis Campus